Latest and Best Jamuna Electronics LED Smart TV Price List 2017

Jamuna is a local electronic brand and it is a popular brand in Bangladesh. Jamuna Electronic is making some great LED TV for Bangladeshi customer. If you are thinking to buy a LED smart TV for getting entertainment you can buy a Jamuna LED TV.

You know everything are getting smart day by day. So, LED TV is a great part of smartness. If you want to decorate your room you can get a LED TV for your room. It can increase decoration of your room.

Nowadays many people are going to market to buy a LED TV and they don't know the perfect price. So, sometime they loss huge money. So if you want to buy a TV with a perfect price you can choose a TV from this list. 

Jamuna LED TV Price List 2017

Jamuna 20" LED TV
Price BDT 14,800 Tk

Jamuna 22" LED TV (Black)
Price BDT 19,500 Tk

Jamuna 24" LED TV (Black)
Price BDT 16,800 Tk

Jamuna 24" LED TV (Golden)
Price BDT 17,800 Tk

Jamuna 32" LED TV (Golden)
Price BDT 22,800 Tk

Jamuna 43" LED TV
Price BDT 44,800 Tk

Jamuna 4K Smart 55" LED TV
Price BDT 98,000 Tk

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