All Update and Latest Walton Laptop Price List 2017 Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. At one time God lacked poverty and lack of income, but at present, the rate of per capita income of the people of Bangladesh has increased. If life is the slightest change but we are still far behind in technical terms. The fact that the present government has taken to form a Digital Bangladesh is a good news for us.

Now we can enjoy a lot about Digital touch. Now all the government offices are touching the digital touches. The development of technology has made our many complicated complex tasks easier now. There are many complex tasks that we have a lot of time to do now and we can easily say. So that many of us are surviving and financially we are benefiting from many.

Presently, people of Bangladesh are trying to adapt themselves to technology. All the people have a weakness in technology, from this side we are not lagging behind Bangladeshis too. Although the use of technology is growing in our country, but our domestic technology institution has not been able to improve as well. Some organizations are continuing their activities to develop this technology sector. Some of them are Walton, Jamuna, Minister etc.

WALTON is among the most successful technical institutes in Bangladesh, among the most technical organizations in Bangladesh. WALTON is producing various types of international quality products with different types of home appliance and various types of electric device.

In continuation of this, walton has started to create various types of laptops with international standards. Walton laptops can match with one of the world's brands. Here are some of Walton's most important and well-known laptops. Hope this list will be useful to you.

Price Tk.29,990
Price Tk.42,550
Price Tk.54,550
Price Tk.31,990
Price Tk.31,990

Price Tk.43,550.00
Price Tk.43,550
Walton WP156U7G
Price Tk.55,550
Walton WP156U7S
Price Tk.55,550
Walton WP14B71S
Walton WT146U3G
Price Tk.29,500
Walton WT146U3S
Price Tk.29,500
Walton WT146U5G
Price Tk.41,550
Walton WT146U5S
Price Tk.41,550
Walton WT146U7G
Price Tk.53,990
Walton WT146U7S
Price Tk.53,990
Walton WT156U3G
Price Tk.31,500
Walton WT156U5G
Price Tk.42,990
Walton WT156U7G
Price Tk.55,000
Walton WT14B71G
Price Upcoming
Price Tk.79,550

Price Tk.89,550